10-22 Barrel Retention V-Block V1.0.1


10-22 Barrel Retention V-Block V1.0.1: Laffs Dynamics

Self explanatory. Once barrel is pressed in the receiver, install this via two 12-24 V-Block bolts. (Can be
found on

Idk, its a friggin V-Block. Waddaya want from me; an instructional DVD? Just print the damn thing.

Update V1.0.1: Updated recommended printing materials, changed recommended print settings for better device strength,
updated name of designer.

Filament Recommended: Glass Filled Nylon, Carbon Fiber Nylon

Print Settings:

First Layer Print Height: .20mm
Standard Layer Height: .16mm
Wall Thickness: .40
Wall Perimeters: 8+
Infill: 60%+
Support Material Percentage: 20%

Hardware Needed:

2x V-Block Bolts

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Helped a buddy get his first 3D printer running today. one goon at a time.

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