3D printable molle universal rifle magazine pouch


A molle universal rifle magazine pouch that you can print your self. 1/8 shock cord and lock is necessary to assemble. Anti-slip tape optional but recommended.

There are 3 versions: full power, full power-e, and intermediate. All of them are compatibal with almost all rifle magainzes, including FAL, SCAR-17, AR-15/10, AK47/74, etc. Their difference lays in tightness. Full power version is somewhat loose for AR-15 magazines while intermediate is very tight for everything except AR-15 and Mini-14 magazines.
It is possible to load the intermediate pouch with full power magazines in your home or match staging area but loading one on the run is difficult.

Compared to full power, full power-e has anti-slip tape applied to its inside walls. This way it holds AR-15 magazines better while not too tight for everything else. Which is why I recommend this one.
Video tutorial for assembling and attaching.

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