3D Printed MP5 – 29 Round Drum Mag Dump


Magdumping the new Magpul 29 round MP5 Drum in one of my KF5s – it had an interesting failure in this video:

I did three full drums and each time it had what I guess is technically a failure to feed but not a jam. Rounds just didn’t feed up in time, and the bolt closed. So like with pretty much any drum mag, it’s a lot of fun, looks cool, but is less reliable than standard column magazines.

I’m Ivan – a fella who works to document and record the history and technical background of the development of homemade firearms.

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You may know me from my work with ARES Research to help author reports about this topic – this channel shows the “behind the scenes” testing that goes into building the body of knowledge requied.

Regardless of if you are here for the research, technology, or just to see some funky looking guns tested, I hope you enjoy.

**All firearms shown and tested are done so in full compliance will all applicable laws. All test firing and use of firearms is conducted on a properly zoned, legally operated firing range.**

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