3D Printing Flexible Filament Comparison

In this video, I take an in-depth look at 3D printing flexible materials. The six compared in this video are 3DXFlex, Tough 3D Ink, Cheetah, NGEN, Tough 115 3D Ink, and PCTPE.

Watch Part 2 here:

In order to get more information on the materials, including recommended print settings and how to purchase, follow the links below.

Links for Flexible Material (Amazon and Matter Hackers links are affiliate – no extra charge to you. The rest are non-affiliate)
Tough 3D Ink (discount code expired):
Tough 115A 3D Ink (discount code expired):
CR-10 (enter GBCR10US1 for $10 off):
Bondtech BMG Dual Drive Extruder:

Time Stamps:
3DXFlex – 1:38
Tough 3D Ink – 4:28
Cheetah – 5:33
NGEN – 6:47
Tough 115A 3D Ink – 8:34
PCTPE – 9:46
Comparisons – 11:22

3D Files:
Knurled Bracelet:
Support Test:
Angle Test 1:
Massive Overhang Test:

Music Credits:
starRo – Milk | Majestic Color

A-GON – Karlita

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Soul Catalyst – Solstice

Oftrt – Soon

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