A Detailed Look at Dissolvable Supports and 3D Printing

In today’s long video, we take a look at dissolvable supports with FDM 3D printing, and all of the tips I learned along the way.

All items used (most are affiliate links)
JGMaker Artist-D Kickstarter is Over:
PVA (overpriced here, but this is what I used. You may need to look elsewhere):
Polylite PLA:
SainSmart PETG:
SainSmart TPU:
PolyMaker CoPA:
EIBOS Drying Box:
Crunch Cup:

Videos mentioned and worth watching
JGMaker Artist-D Review:
Dissolvable supports and the Palette:
Video where I review EIBOS Drying Box:

Files Used
Dissolvable Gearbox:
Hilbert Cube:
Bunny Jail:

Time Stamps
Intro: 00:00
About Dissolvable Printing – 1:06
JG Maker Issues and Tips – 5:32
Initial Test Results – 7:33
More Extreme Tests – 12:42
What I Learned & Tips – 19:51

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