Aaron Rupar finally learns how Twitter works after 11 years on the platform –

Aaron Rupar emerged from his 3-day Twitter ban as if he’d survived a 10-year coma.

Rupar is absolutely flummoxed that people on Twitter could be banned for vague rules.

Conservative Twitter veterans had some thoughts for Aaron Rupar.

Seriously, this one should be framed and hung in the Clueless Tweets Hall of Fame.

We liked it so much that we stole it.

Points awarded for masterful meme usage.

Welcome to Twitter, Aaron Rupar.

Exactly. Conservatives were banned for years for arbitrary reasons, sometimes being offered no reason whatsoever.

Essentially, if you ticked off enough liberals (an easy thing to do), they’d mass report, and you’d find yourself in a timeout … or worse.

Do you like that, Rupar? Well, do ya??? LOL.

To listen to Aaron, you’d think Twitter was just fine until a few months ago.

A person could be banned from Twitter 1.0 for stating what was known biological fact for millennia: that men can’t be women.

The Left was okay with that.

It used to be so simple when the rules only applied to the people they hate.

It’s been so much fun!


That’s the real kicker. Rupar and others aren’t upset about the rules. They’re just mad they’re being applied to them now.

He’s a bit slow. One could say he’s a …

… slowpoke. LOL!

Talk about ‘vague rules’. Accounts were canceled for insulting journalists.

Real journalists would have objected to these actions. They loved it.

Yep, a newspaper was banned for reporting a bombshell news story in the ‘before times’ on Twitter that Aaron Rupar apparently missed.

Ouch. LOL.

Cry harder, Aaron.

If Elon ends up stepping down as the head of Twitter, perhaps he could ban Aaron Rupar one more time on the way out … just for fun!



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