Allow ‘The View’ panelists to explain why Trump’s a bad person for being right about COVID origin –

From early 2020 until very recently, saying that it’s possible the COVID-19 virus somehow escaped from a Wuhan virology lab would have gotten you suspended or banned from social media and shunned by the lib media. The narrative enforcers at the time were protecting the talking points with all their might.

Now things have changed. The Department of Energy and the Director of the FBI are among government entities who acknowledge that it’s likely the virus came from a lab in China, which is something former President Trump said from the start.

This puts the Left in an awkward position, but they’re not about to let go of their “Trump bad” spin in the process. “The View” panelists joined other libs in the fresh spin on Trump having been correct. Look on in amazement:

Talk about people twisting themselves into pretzels to avoid admitting they were wrong!

Pretty much.

Here’s some settled science:



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