BENGHAZI! Media Matters guy wonders why a normal person should care that Elon Musk fired James Baker –

As Twitchy reported Tuesday, there was a delay in getting out the next batch of Twitter files. The delay was traced to Twitter lawyer James Baker, who’d previously been with the FBI. Musk said there was reason to believe Baker was suppressing information that needed to go public about the internal discussions that went into censoring stories like the Hunter Biden laptop story.

So what was Baker doing to hold up the release of the Twitter files?

As Glenn Greenwald has so astutely noted, the liberal media is suddenly enamored of the security state and censorship. NBC News clown Ben Collins suggested that Musk was “creating a mob” to, ironically, suppress Baker’s speech. The whole thing was just another Benghazi — red meat for Fox News and the far-right.

The New York Post, which was locked out of its Twitter account for months for not deleting its tweet about the Hunter Biden story, put Baker on the cover of Wednesday’s edition, but Media Matters senior fellow Matthew Gertz wonders why any normal American would care.

Maybe they’ll care once they read the story since no one else is carrying it. How much influence did “the Biden team” have with the censors at Twitter?

That’s funny, Collins also mentioned Benghazi — the one where the Obama administration made up a story about a YouTube video to cover their tracks and sent out Susan Rice to all five broadcast networks to repeat it. Yeah, right-wing scandalmongering.

Again, suddenly liberals are in love with the government and the security state. “Remember the FBI lawyer from the Russia hoax?” Why yes, we do. And we’re sorry to hear that Benghazi is still a joke to Gertz and Collins. More people died in Benghazi than in the Capitol on January 6, but who cares about them or why they died? Fox News viewers, probably.


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