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Joe Biden is hemorrhaging our money out to other countries in a way not seen before.

We’ve seen how much he has been pouring into Ukraine, without a full accounting of where all the money and weapons are going. Indeed, we were told we can’t guarantee where weapons are going after they are sent, according to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. That has to give you great confidence as to what’s going on here.

As I noted earlier, so far Biden has committed 100 billion of our money to Ukraine and there’s no end in sight. Then on Thursday, he committed $55 billion to Africa to help push them toward more green energy.

But there’s more. Biden also said he wanted Congress to give him $21 billion in taxpayer dollars to give to the International Monetary Fund. Sorry, the video may be a bit garbled and hard to hear.

“I’m asking the Congress for the authority to lend $21 billion to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to provide access to the necessary financing for low and middle-income countries which is so difficult to come by now,” Biden declared.

Wait, what? So he wants us to give $21 billion to the IMF to fund other countries. The IMF already has billions. We already give them money and other countries contribute to them as well. This would be on top of that. They have a $1 billion yearly budget. So Biden is asking for the equivalent of 21 years of their budget. So instead of the IMF lending to those countries, it would ultimately be us with. Hell, no. There’s a literal transfer of wealth going on here.

Once again, where is all this money coming from? If he wanted to empty our accounts and bankrupt us, what would he do differently? He’s also emptying our Strategic Petroleum Reserve. What the heck are we going to be left with at the end of this character’s time in office? Sounds like there might not be much left. Meanwhile, he doesn’t want to do a thing to defend our Southern border. At this point, you have to think he’s purposely trying to do us in.

As he’s doing all this, Americans are struggling to deal with Bidenflation, with so many living paycheck to paycheck. The country is deep in debt. Yet, Biden not only isn’t America first, but he’s always America last.

Does anyone in Congress have the stones to say no to this guy? It doesn’t seem like it when it comes to Ukraine, hopefully, there are more people with a spine to stomp this idea out cold. I’m not sure I would bet on it. But someone needs to start asking some serious questions here.

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