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However, as we have seen in the past, the courts are unlikely to do anything about it without a true smoking gun. Statistical anomalies won’t cut it. So, despite the problems and irregularities, this is an uphill battle to climb.

However, this is a battle that we cannot ignore and must not be afraid to fight. If we don’t put a stop to these election irregularities right now, it’s possible that Republicans will never again be elected to the presidency. It is difficult to determine how many states have already been abandoned because of widespread fraud. All we know is that if we don’t stop it now, it’s game over.

As Rachel Alexander noted over at Townhall, it’s hard to believe that the four top Republican candidates, three of which were leading in most of the polls, were rejected while down-ballot Republicans were not. “Republican candidates swept the rest of the races around the state, leading many to believe only those four top races, which featured all Trump-endorsed candidates, were deliberately targeted.”

“Other than those four key races, Arizona Republicans performed exceedingly well in the election, reminiscent of 2020 when only Trump (and weak Senate candidate Martha McSally) lost,” Alexander continued. “The GOP flipped Arizona’s congressional delegation back to majority Republican, winning two open seats, took back a seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission that was lost in 2018, gained two seats on the Central Arizona Project board, kept both chambers of the Arizona Legislature, including getting an even more conservative Senate President, Warren Petersen.”

Then there’s the curiosity that Republican State Treasurer Kimberly Yee received more votes than any other statewide candidate, about 100,000 more than Kari Lake. Lee had low name recognition,  was not endorsed by Trump, yet won her race against a well-known Democrat opponent.

Something screwy went down in Arizona this year. And thankfully, instead of being bullied into submission as we saw in 2020, it looks like something is finally being done about it this year. This is definitely a step in the right direction, even though I have no idea what the outcome will be.

Many who dared to speak out about election fraud in 2020 were bullied into silence out of fear. If you questioned the election results, you may have been banned from Facebook or Twitter. Our right to free speech was under attack because the gatekeepers didn’t want the public to question the election where the Democrats won. When Republicans win, that’s a different story. Not enough people were willing to fight back in 2020 to ensure we got all the answers we needed, forever putting the results of that election in doubt. Our government can’t survive when people can’t trust the results of an election, regardless of the result. The current battlefield of this fight for election integrity is Arizona, and we have to be diligent.

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