Christina Pushaw puts a hurtin’ on Antony Blinken for LAUGHABLE tweet on female genital mutilation –

We read a LOT of tweets from people who have less than zero amounts of self-awareness, but this from Secretary Antony Blinken about ‘zero tolerance’ for female genital mutilation may be the worst yet considering he’s part of an administration that believes it’s a GOOD thing for minor females to mutilate their genitals to swap genders.

In America.

Maybe read the room, Antony.

Just a little.

Antony … dude, start with your own administration.

No words.

Luckily, plenty of other people had plenty.

What she said.

Seeing a theme here.

Too bad the idjit writing tweets for Antony wasn’t bright enough to see it as well.

Zero tolerance and stuff.



Fair point. It’s ok for females to have their genitals mutilated in America but not Muslims?


There it is.

WHO KNEW Antony was a biologist!?

Zero. Self-awareness.

Maybe less than zero.

Told you guys.



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