Cura Slicer Settings Part 1/2 – 3D Printing 104

Today is part 1 of a 2 part series taking a deep dive look into Cura and what each slicer setting does.

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Videos and Websites Mentioned:
Download Cura:
G-Code Commands:
Ironing Video:
CNC Kitchen on Best Infill Patterns:
Check your E-Steps:
How Fast can you 3D Print:
Volcano and Super Volcano Printing:
All About Extruders:
Hemera Extruder Review:
OmniaDrop Extruder Review:
Ways to Decrease Ghosting:

Visit the Institute of 3D Printing for an even more detailed look at Cura, as well as detailed looks at other slicer options:

Time Stamps
Introduction – 00:00
Printer Setup – 3:28
Recommended vs Custom Settings – 6:55
Quality – 10:51
Shell – 16:13
Infill – 24:24
Material – 29:54
Speed – 33:23
Travel – 40:02
Conclusion – 44:02

Background music by Joakim Karud

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