Drew Holden’s masterpiece thread on dishonesty & hypocrisy of evolving Covid spin is GOLD –

Here at Twitchy we’ve loved Drew Holden’s threads for a long time, but he really struck gold with his latest about the media and the origins of Covid-19.

Right? Holden’s thread is something else, and it starts this way:

Without further adieu…

We’re off and running:

Hey, NPR had an alternate reality to cling to and they were running with it.

The media really covered themselves in glory these last few years:

And of course many in the media have already admitted their automatic dismissal of Trump’s suggestions that the virus could have been a lab leak because they hated Trump and he couldn’t possibly be correct about anything:

More media glory:

And of course there were “the experts”:

Because the media was more interested in the narrative that aided Democrats than the actual facts.

Obligatory for this topic:

In closing, we second this a thousand times:



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