Fatal fire sparks protest over China’s ZERO COVID measures leading many to recall BAD Leftist policy –

China has had ZERO COVID tolerance policies in place for a very long time and according to the trending topic on Twitter, China’s latest measures led to a fatal fire and have sparked protests all over the country. This of course led many users to think about the policies that were put in place here in the USA as well.

This incident, in particular, is gaining a lot of traction and may have been the catalyst for the protests. According to reports, the fire spread and families died because they were locked in the building and unable to get out. The tragedy of lives lost due to COVID is bad enough, but adding the lives lost due to government policies is even worse. Most people understand there is NEVER going to be ZERO COVID. It seems even those ruled by oppressive governments like the CCP are even starting to see it.

MANY and possibly MOST Democrats did indeed wish death upon the unvaccinated. They happily locked down businesses, destroyed people’s lives, and pushed people into depression, suicide, and addiction relapses. In general, they hurt the overall well-being of school-aged children across the country. They did all of these things in the name of saving us from COVID. It was not called ZERO COVID but they pushed as hard as they could to try and control the population. We are not saying Democrats are the same as the CCP but we will say they may have similar motives (POWER AND CONTROL).

Surprisingly, reports of the protests are making their way outside of the country and many eyes all over the globe are watching it unfold. Although we are worried the CCP will take devastating actions to quell the protests, we really hope the people fight for their freedoms.

That is refreshing! If the BBC reports it, it must be a big deal. Who knows, by the time we publish this story maybe even MSNBC will have reported on the uprising. We can not find many instances where the Left-leaning media would report on something from a FREEDOM point of view, but we support it when it happens.

Indeed they did. There were big accounts with official blue checks all over Twitter who wanted more lockdowns, more oppression, more masks, and even wished for the shunning or death of the unvaccinated. We know the Left tries to pretend that didn’t happen, but we remember.

The CCP is always about power and control and as stated earlier, the Left is also about power and control. Perhaps not as oppressive (YET), but we here in America need to take notice and keep talking about it when even a flicker of those ideas show up here.

Keep your eyes on China and NEVER forget what bad COVID policies have cost every country around the world.


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