Former Goonie, Ke Huy Quan, realizes the American Dream with Oscar win –

Usually, when we tell you anything about Hollywood, it’s about some pretentious lib lecturing us about how we’re evil, stupid, or traitors because we won’t vote for the latest Democrat. We thought we’d switch it up with the actual feel good story of Ke Huy Quan from the Oscars.

You GenX’ers might remember Ke Huy Quan as ‘Short Round’, Harrison Ford’s sidekick in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. He also co-starred as ‘Data’ in one of this editor’s personal favorites – The Goonies.

‘I’m setting booty traps!’

‘You mean booby traps?’

‘That’s what I said. Booby traps!’

Classic, from a time when actors were much less hellbent on foisting their politics on their audiences at every opportunity.

Quan did a few things during his acceptance speech that felt novel in today’s Hollywood.

He was truly humbled and appreciative in his emotional remarks. He thanked his mother for his sacrifice. He thanked his colleagues, including his lifelong friend, the truffle-shuffling Jeff Cohen, we remember as ‘Chunk’, and he honored his wife of 20 years for her unwavering support.

He described his journey as a refugee from Vietnam in the 1970’s to Hollywood’s biggest stage: ‘This … THIS … is the American Dream!’

He’s absolutely right. This was a refreshing change of pace from the constant airing of grievances against our country and culture that is typical of the majority of Oscars narrative.

Pincers of Power! Pincers of Power! LOL. Data was awesome.

We’re pretty sure the entire Twitchy Team and you, our beloved readers, would all be Goonies.

Look, we don’t know how you could NOT have been both a Goonies fan AND an Indiana Jones fan, but young Quan was great as Short Round too.

Ouch. LOL.

A breath of fresh air.

Like we said, we don’t get this very often from Hollywood. USA! USA!


Goonies never say die!


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