Gov. Jay Inslee unplugged his Christmas tree in solidarity with the Ukrainian people –

The new talking points that have been sent out are that Republicans have been brainwashed by Fox News into hating Ukraine. It’s the usual hyperbole from the Left intended to shut down any discussion — if you question the wisdom of sending  $100+ billion to Ukraine or would at least like to know where it’s going, you hate Ukraine and you’re pro-Putin. It’s the usual playbook … brand something as “hate” so you can oppose it without question.

We don’t hate Ukraine — we’re just tired of stupid takes being posted to Twitter by people with Ukrainian flags in their handles. Speaking of empty gestures …

We missed this yesterday, but Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, on the occasion of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visiting the U.S., unplugged his Christmas tree in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Eventually he’ll get all of his green legislation passed and then everybody’s lights will be out.


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