HAVOC 12 inch 37MM Launcher stand alone stock adapter


May 21, 2022 Update: Evike seems to change the mold of G36 stock every time when I purchase from it so I slightly tweaked the geometry of the stock adapter. Hopefully it can fit better with G36 stocks purchased from it after May 01, 2022.

Additional pictures:
Stand alone stock adapter for 12 inch barrel HAVOC 37mm launcher. 3D Print-able.

You need to buy an AR pistol grip of your choice (A2 or Hogue, as long as it doesn’t have the thumb shaped tab on top) and a G36 stock. I highly recommend you to purchase the same stock as what I have in the picture. Yes I know G36 has more than one stock variation but I cannot guarantee the fitment.

It is available on a major airsoft retailer for around $18.
Depending on which grip you brought, the cost of the whole stock will be at $80-100. Much cheaper than the $240+ stock on market now. If you can find one available at all.

Do not use the bolt included with the AR pistol grip. Use M5×30 bolt instead.
This version only fits the 12 inch barrel launcher for now. I can work on a 7 inch barrel version if you provide me the dimensions.

Necessary Parts list: 2× double sided rail, 1× stock adapter, 3× M5 nuts, 2× M5×30 bolts, 1× M5×70 bolt, 1× M5 washer, AR-15 pistol grip, G36 stock.

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