‘I have a master’s degree. What do parents have?’, asks teacher before getting schooled by parents –

Special education teacher, Alicia Messing, testified before the Arizona Senate Education Committee in opposition to Arizona bill SB1700. The bill would give parents greater insight into materials used by their schools and a procedure for objecting to material they find objectionable, especially those that are found to be ‘lewd or sexual in nature, that promote gender fluidity or gender pronouns or that groom children into normalizing pedophilia’.

Messing seemed quite confident that her master’s degree qualified her to make these decisions for parents.

She went even further to explain her philosophy with the following quote:

‘The purpose of public education is not to teach only what parents want their children to be taught. It is to teach them what society needs them to be taught.’

Let us think about that … hmm … yeah, that’s gonna be a big fat nope.

Guess what, Mrs. Messing? Your master’s degree in education doesn’t qualify YOU to determine what society ‘needs’ children to be taught. It qualifies you to TEACH what society decides children should be taught.

We hate to break it to you, Alicia, but we, the parents, are society.

Our children don’t belong to you. You work for us.

‘What do the parents have?’ Messing asked, after touting her master’s degree.

You think we’re going to turn over our most precious commodity to Alicia Messing to mold in whatever why she deems ‘society needs’?

Ain’t gonna happen, Teach.

Interesting. Perhaps the greatest value in master’s degrees for teachers is to boost their superiority complex.

LOL. You know he’s probably right.


Apparently even people with a master’s degree don’t necessarily understand that the public has every right to influence how their tax dollars are spent, even over the objections of self-important teachers.

We’re going to need to vet your advanced degrees before we can accept your opinion.

Just kidding, you’re right.

Everyone’s getting a degree. We’re suffering from education inflation. It’s directly linked to ego inflation.


We absolutely believe that. Just in preparing this article, we found Alicia Messing testifying against other pieces of legislation. She used the same quote about what society ‘needs’ your children to be taught. She also signed onto a list of educators who vowed to violate state law and continue teaching CRT-based curriculum if it was banned in her state.

There is definitely a type of highly-degreed educator who believes themselves to be superior to parents and the arbiters of moral good for all of society.


Get your children away from these types of teachers if you can.


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