Journo says conservative judge shouted down by Stanford students got the fame he wanted –

As Twitchy reported, the Federalist Society invited conservative judge Kyle Duncan to speak at Stanford Law School. Students shouted down Duncan, who’s famous for refusing to use a transgender sex offender’s preferred pronouns in court. Here’s how the Q&A went with the law students:

Students then organized a protest against the school’s dean because she had apologized to Duncan for their behavior.

Here’s a highlight:

Jay Willis of the San Francisco Chronicle says it doesn’t matter to Duncan what happened … he got the fame and attention he wanted, as he’s probably angling for a seat on the Supreme Court.

Willis writes:

No matter who you think behaved worse here, the answer doesn’t matter for Duncan, because he got what he wanted: fame. Ever since Brett Kavanaugh’s shameless partisan histrionics got him confirmed to the Supreme Court in 2018, maintenance of a dignified temperament has hardly been a prerequisite for Republican judicial candidates. As Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern noted, it’s hard not to view Duncan’s performance as a not-so-subtle audition for the next Supreme Court vacancy that arises under a Republican president. If he were honest, he wouldn’t be excoriating protesters for “silencing” him at some forgettable law school lunch event. He’d be thanking them for making him an overnight celebrity in the circles that matter most.

It’s pretty clear who behaved worse here.

Exactly; he doesn’t like Duncan and he doesn’t like any judge confirmed by President Trump. Is this the kind of publicity that Stanford wanted?


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