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We hear a great deal about “white privilege” in America these days, but the truth is that those who are supposed to have it do not, and those who claim to be marginalized are actually the elites. Anyone who doubts this should study the case of Colinford Mattis, the Leftist lawyer who firebombed a police car in New York City during the 2020 George Floyd riots. If Mattis had been wearing a MAGA hat, he might never have seen the light of day again. As it is, he’ll be back on the streets in a year, or sooner. It pays to have the same political views as those of today’s elites.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Mattis was sentenced Thursday to just “a year and a day in prison, concluding a pair of cases marked by surprising leniency from the Biden Justice Department.” Oh, the Biden Justice Department’s leniency in this case wasn’t really surprising at all. It isn’t as if Merrick Garland’s Gestapo was dealing with some really dangerous characters, such as parents protesting at school board meetings. No, Colinford Mattis and his accomplice, another lawyer named Urooj Rahman, were the cuddliest, most benign firebombers imaginable, because Biden’s DOJ believes everything that they do. Of course they got lenient treatment.

Rahman, who actually threw the Molotov cocktail into the police cruiser from the passenger seat of Mattis’ car (Mattis was driving), was sentenced back in November. The Free Beacon noted at that time that Rahman, who was photographed holding the Molotov cocktail that she would ultimately throw at Those Who Must Be Defunded, “was sentenced to just 15 months in prison on Friday after the Biden Justice Department intervened on her behalf, pressing the court to issue a sentence below the guidelines that called for 10 years.”

In Mattis’ case, prosecutors said they considered “Mattis’s conduct here as equally culpable to Rahman’s conduct” and recommended that he get a sentence of 18 to 24 months, once again a considerably shorter span than the ten years called for in sentencing guidelines for ordinary mortals. Both Mattis and Rahman, according to the Free Beacon, “leveraged their prestigious degrees, left-wing legal advocacy, and personal connections—including with one former Obama administration official who posted Rahman’s $250,000 bail—to curry favor with the Justice Department. Liberal media outlets like NPR and New York magazine produced fawning coverage of the two after their arrest.”

Yes, the entire judicial treatment of Mattis and Rahman screams political bias: “Trump administration prosecutors had sought a 10-year sentence with a domestic terrorism enhancement for the pair, which was dropped after President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland took office. Mattis and Rahman in June scored a sweetheart deal with Department of Justice prosecutors, pleading guilty to lesser arson and explosives charges that warranted a mere five-year sentence.” Biden’s handlers apparently have no compunction about appearing to support those who rioted in the wake of George Floyd’s death. It’s as if they’re taunting us over our powerlessness to do anything about it, and are so sure that they have friends and allies at all relevant levels of government that they will never be held accountable for their obvious corruption. And obviously, they’re right about that.

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There was, however, one penalty that the Leftist pair could not escape: “New York State announced before Rahman’s sentencing that both she and Mattis had been disbarred.” Still, that game isn’t over. A few more puff pieces in the establishment media, a few calls to like-minded government officials, and they’ll not only be practicing law again, but on track for Supreme Court appointments.

This sort of thing doesn’t happen every day: James Trusty, a former federal prosecutor, remarked that the way this pair was treated was “extraordinarily unusual.” Clearly they have powerful friends who don’t mind in the least that on the night of the riots, Mattis texted, “Bring it to their neck,” or that Rahman responded, “Molotovs rollin’.” Prosecutors also noted that they “encouraged others to engage in violence” and “mocked reportedly injured police officers.” Imagine if one of the Jan. 6 protestors had texted those things, even if he or she didn’t engage in any violence: after a couple of years in prison without trial, the defendant would be made to denounce Trump before a judge, who would then hand down a harshly punitive sentence.

Two-tier justice system in America today? You bet your life. And it has nothing to do with “systemic racism.”

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