LOL! The replies to a viral tweet of a man caught on video at the Bayou Classic are hilarious –

Political Twitter is a never-ending source of humor, but sometimes we just have to pass along some of the other hilarious stuff we see. This man just trying to enjoy himself at the Bayou Classic is a perfect example.

Our hero is simply minding his own business at the game when the NBC live feed catches him doing something that raised questions from viewers.

The person who captured the video narrates: ‘My boy rollin’ a blunt.’ That’s right, the assumption was this guy was rolling up a marijuana cigar right there at the Bayou Classic. LOL!

What was he actually doing? Heating up a BBQ rib with a lighter!

LOLOLOLOL! Get this man his crown.

The replies from Twitter users will crack you up. Here’s a sampling.


Better late than never, right?

Because he didn’t have a grill?

He kept that rib somewhere. He brought the lighter. Boy Scouts ain’t got nothing on this man.

So much better. LOL.

We’ve all been there. Maybe?


We’ve found our rib-smuggling veteran. This is the kind of wisdom we’re here for.

Nailed it.


Right? Move over, Elon.

This right here. You can let the system beat your, or you can beat the system. LOL.

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