London School of Economics to change term, break titles

The London School of Economics plans to change the names of its terms and breaks, a move that will entail dropping religiously affiliated terminology like “Christmas break” and “Easter break.”

Instead, the school will opt for “Winter break” and “Spring break” — other planned changes include trading “Lent Term” for “Winter Term,” and “Michaelmas Term” for “Autumn Term.”

The institution of higher education will hold off on transitioning to the updated names until the 2023/2024 academic year, providing “time to update relevant systems, processes and content.” The school noted that the “term names will remain the same for the remainder of the 2022/2023 academic year, with key processes undertaken to amend our systems and communications from 2023/2024 onwards.”

“If this was an effort to secularise the LSE I’d be sympathetic,” Free Speech Union general secretary Toby Young said, according to the Telegraph. “But in reality, it reflects the fact that the LSE, like most British universities, is in thrall to a new religious cult – the church of woke – that is far more dogmatic than Christianity.”

“This is typical that in the name of inclusion what it does is exclude Christians and those who think our Christian heritage is important,” Christian Institute deputy director Simon Calvert noted, according to the Daily Mail. “We have a long Christian heritage that millions of people cherish, why are they so embarrassed by it?”

“Staff and students who don’t hold to the Christian faith respect the fact that Britain has this Christian heritage,” he noted. “I have yet to meet an international student who thinks an institution should erase references to Christian faith.”

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