Looking for advice on a new Printer : fosscad

I hate being “that guy” but here I am…

I think I’m ready to get into 3D printing. I’ve been reading, downloading files, and watching videos for a while now. I’m looking for reassurance on the printer I want to buy. I tried asking in 3d printing and haven’t gotten any help. I’m looking at the AnyCube Kobra Max. It’s on sale and I really like the idea of the larger print area (400×400) and auto leveling bed. My main interest will be automotive parts and firearm magazines. Of course I’m sure I’ll end up trying a few lowers too. I want to be able to print high temp (to survive our 100+f heat + inside car temp) and I’d like to do some glass and carbon nylon prints. I’m worried about the temp rating on this being 260c. I think 100c bed temp will be ok.

Should I go for it or is there something better at $500 or less?

Thanks for any advice.

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