Matt Taibbi fires back after Rep. Ted Lieu accuses him of ‘spewing Kremlin talking points’ –

Earlier we told you about a fresh round of Twitter Files that Matt Taibbi dropped, and it was all about Rep. Adam Schiff’s arm-twisting to keep Twitter from allowing any unapproved narratives to see the light of day. Yesterday Taibbi shared another batch of Twitter Files that had all to do with the Russiagate lies, and Dem Rep. Ted Lieu didn’t like that one at all:

Lieu didn’t like how Taibbi responded and went with a comeback that was not unexpected:

“Spewing Kremlin talking points”? That seems to be all the Dems have, and Taibbi responded this way:

The moral of the story seems to be quite simple:

It’s the same for some other Dems as well. How many things we now know are true did Dems and media (pardon the redundancy) dismiss as “Russian misinformation”?

Apparently not.



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