Metaphor alert? VP’s jet ‘broken down’ in Germany,’ flies back on C-17 cargo plane –

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at the Munich Security Conference, and there was apparently a problem with Air Force 2 when she was trying to head back home:

Harris & company ended up taking a backup C-17 jet back to the U.S.:

Another metaphor for this administration was spotted.

As a bonus, part of Harris’ speech at the Munich conference was a warning about the existential threat of climate change — which of course was followed by a flight home in a C-17 while the primary jet will also eventually make its way back to the U.S.:

One very important area of focus for us has been to address and take our responsibility for what we must do in terms of the climate crisis, which, of course, is global in nature. And so — and, in fact, our friends in Europe have been asking for years that we would actually step up and do more.

So under President Biden’s leadership, we are proud that — that the United States has invested an historic amount in what we must do to take on our role of responsibility in the climate crisis. And by that, I mean we have, with the support of Congress, dedicated $370 billion to this effort.

Is that “existential threat” now much worse because of all these people flying back home on their own jets after the conference (what’s the carbon footprint of a C-17)??



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