Michael Knowles hits back at the lying liars attempting to smear him –

As Twitchy readers know, The Daily Beast misrepresented what Michael Knowles said about transgenderism at CPAC. Others have now jumped on the bandwagon of truth torturers, seeing an opening to do damage to Knowles.

Knowles was clearly referring to transgenderism as an ideology, not the people themselves.

Toothbrush fascist, David Leavitt, is never one to shy away from spreading a lie. Knowles never said he wants to eradicate transgendered people.

Leavitt went on to double-down on his disingenuous disinformation, even attempting to tattle on Knowles with Twitter Safety.

That doesn’t matter to people like Leavitt. The goal is to spread the lie fast enough via tweets and headlines, understanding that few people in our 4-second attention span culture will bother to dig deeper for the truth.

Right?! It’s only worth a penny. LOL.

We never thought we’d see the day!

‘Credibility’. LOLOLOL!

‘BREAKING: Twitter user advocates for the mass murder of shoplifters!’

Watch out, Rex Chapman.

Leavitt wasn’t the only one to push the smear.

We really don’t think Knowles should have anticipated any HONEST person would think he called for a genocide.

Knowles probably should have anticipated that a bunch of dishonest liberal hacks cosplaying as journalists would claim he was calling for genocide.

Seriously, let that sink in for just a minute. ‘Didn’t he realize people would think he was calling for a genocide?’ What a colossally stupid question. Decent and reasonable people don’t assume others just casually call for genocide at public political events. Instead, we assume that’s clearly not what he meant and ask for clarification if we’re confused about what he intended.

‘Benefit of the doubt’, as a general ideology of human decency, has been all but eradicated from public life.

Let’s all be honest here: They understand the words. They’re just hoping if the twist them the right way their audience will believe the fabrication.

It’s hard to even want to respond to a question that is so dishonestly dumb.

This question is so dumb it waits for STOP signs to say GO.

This question is so dumb it thinks Daily Kos is a Bill Cosby tribute site.

This question is so dumb it failed a urine test.

There you go. Stop trying to normalize a clearly abnormal occurrence. Stop trying to push it on children. Leave adults alone to make decisions about such things for themselves.

Rolling Stone, a political magazine that used to write about rock music, published a headline that was as defamatory, if not more, than the one from The Daily Beast.

This is the right way to deal with the constant slander from the Left.

We all know. They all know too. They’re just liars.

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