Min Pistol Brace V1.2.5


Min Pistol Brace V1.2.5: Laffs Dynamics

A three position adjustable, minimalist styled AR-15 pistol blade brace that attaches to a Mil-Spec six position adjustable
stock. Uses little material, (Compared to many other 3DP designs) and is rounded on all edges for forearm comfort.

This brace is designed for Milspec (6 Position) Carbine Buffer Tubes only.

Update V1.2.5: Changed model designation. Added 2022 styl Laffs logo.

Printer Used: Ender 3 V2

Filament Used: PLA+

Print Settings:

Extruder: 220C
Bed: 56C
First Layer Print Height: .2mm
Standard Layer Height: .16mm
Wall Thickness: .40
Wall Perimeters: 5+
Infill: 32%

Hardware Needed:

1x M8x12 Hex Socketed Set Screw


1) Press the hollow socket of the brace on the end of the carbine buffer tube.

2) Select one of three index points for the the brace’s position.

3) Once a position is chosen, thread the set screw through the brace, and into the index point.

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