M&M’S ditches ‘spokescandies’ after woke idiots get their feelers hurt over a pair of shoes –

Idiots are gonna idiot, but seriously?

Imagine living in a time where people get butthurt over a cartoon’s shoes SO MUCH that a company decides to bend the knee and get rid of said cartoon. Wait, that’s not right, this company not only gets rid of the offensive shoes but ALL of the cartoons they’ve been using for decades.

Yay, 2023.

What sort of person has the time to get this pissed off over a commercial cartoon? You know what, don’t answer that.

Maya is great, we love Maya … but this is stupid.


What an embarrassing waste of money … bending to the knee to nutballs who are offended over a freakin’ cartoon’s shoes.

Don’t pander to them, send them to therapy.

Sadly, yup.



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