Molly Knight defines ‘woke’ as being aware this country was built on the backs of slaves –

As Twitchy reported, Bethany Mandel stumbled on Hill TV’s “Rising” with Robby Soave and Briahna Joy Gray when asked to define “woke.” A lot of liberals are taking this opportunity to define for Mandel and other conservatives just what it means to be woke. Touré has said it’s become a slur like the n-word, except it insults LGBTQ folx and other marginalized groups.

Most liberals are proud to be woke, though. Molly Knight, who writes “a newsletter about baseball and mental health,” decided to step into Mandel’s replies and offer the correct definition of woke:

But why is it just about skin color? What about fat people?

How woke can Knight actually be when her definition doesn’t even cover gender-affirming care for children? She seems a little fixed on skin color.


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