Mono-Poly + EGP = SUB $200 AR : fosscad

“Mom can we have KP-15?” WE HAVE KP-15 AT HOME (the KP-15 at home)

I recently scored a pretty great deal on a complete (minus lower receiver) Del-Ton AR-15, but really hadn’t planned to buy one yet and hadn’t budgeted for a lower. FORTUNATELY I have a large printer and the Mono-Poly lower has just dropped over at Deterrence Dispensed.

1 day, 8 hours, and 14 minutes later, I was ready to assemble this silly thing. The only change I had to make from the EGP kit was to swap the rear pop-up sight with a spare carry handle I had, as the sight was super wobbly.

Total cost for everything, shipped to my door, is $197.

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