Morgan J. Freeman (mouth-breathing troll, not the actor) REKT for using old Pride pic to dunk on DeSantis –

It’s bad enough that Morgan J. Freeman used a 20-year-old and easily debunked photo to try and dunk on DeSantis about THE GAYS, but the fact he also pinned it to his timeline? Now, THAT is embarrassing. Hey, we get it, Freeman probably has esteem issues sharing his name with such an extraordinary actor like Morgan Freeman and as such, spends a lot of time trying to make a name for himself … but this ain’t it, chief.

Not at all.

freeman key west

Poor Morgan, he tries and fails so hard.

This picture is 20 years old …

Man, we love Community Notes. That is all.


What a maroon.

Pretty lame.

Almost as lame as living life as the less impressive Morgan Freeman.



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