NBC News’ Ben Collins offers an emoji to express his disinterest in Twitter Files Part 2 –

NBC News “dystopia beat” senior reporter Ben Collins handled the first round of “Twitter files” that Matt Tabbai tweeted out several days ago in the most “journalism-y” way possible. In other words, Tabbai’s bombshell-packed exposé showing how Twitter management at the time worked to censor and suppress many things that could be damaging to Democrats (in particular Joe Biden’s campaign or criticism of Lord Fauci) meant it was time to attack the messenger and not the message:

On Thursday, Bari Weiss dropped round two of the Twitter files that mostly highlighted “Twitter’s secret blacklists”:

Read all the info Weiss tweeted out here.

Is NBC News’ “dystopia beat” reporter Collins more interested in this new trove of information? It doesn’t really seem like he wants to come across that way:

Just when you thought the “journalism” couldn’t get stronger:

What’s getting the most boring is the predictability of many in the media who call themselves reporters instead of what they really are, which is guardians of the Left’s narratives.

It really is.



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