NBC News national security analyst says January 6 footage reveals safe room locations and more –

The talking point has been settled, but we should give Keith Olbermann credit — every time someone tweets about the national security risk it was to give Tucker Carlson and Fox News some 44,000 hours of January 6 footage, Olbermann gets right in there in the replies and retweets himself saying that it’s “time to shut down Fox News.” As we’ve reported, there’s been a meltdown over Carlson getting the footage from Speaker Kevin McCarthy, with Rep. Adam Schiff, Adam Kinzinger, Rep. Jamie Raskin, and the hosts of “The View” claiming that the footage is a “roadmap” to another insurrection in 2024 if not a blueprint for the next 9/11.

Newsweek joins the AP in reporting that McCarthy has been “blasted” for making the footage available to Fox News and has earned a retweet from NBC News national security analyst Frank Figliuzzi, who asks what could go wrong.

Cheer up, Frank … ask yourself instead, what could go right? The American public might get a more balanced picture of just what security measures failed that day as opposed to the highlight reel that the January 6 select committee edited together for public consumption.

Besides, we’ve already heard the horror stories about those safe rooms and how there were Republicans in there without masks on to prevent COVID transmission. Danger was everywhere.

Cruella DeVodka … we’re stealing that.

They’ve already shown they can throw up an eight-foot security fence overnight whenever President Joe Biden stops by the Capitol. Who knows? Maybe the people responsible for securing the Capitol might learn something from the footage so they can prevent anything like it from happening again.


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