New documentary reveals disturbing details of Jared Fogle

A new documentary reveals the disturbing details of how Jared Fogle preyed on underage girls and the brave woman who helped bring down the convicted pedophile.

The three-part docuseries “Jared From Subway: Catching A Monster” chronicles how Jared Fogle went from weight loss sensation to convicted pedophile.

In the documentary, Florida journalist and radio host Rochelle Herman helped expose the Subway pitchman’s sexual desires for underage girls.

Herman met Fogle in 2006 at an American Heart Association event at a middle school in Sarasota, Florida. Herman said Fogle began to flirt with her, and allegedly whispered in her ear that he thought middle school girls were “hot.”

Herman felt the need to protect young girls from this potential predator. Herman struck up a long-distance relationship with Fogle with the intention of catching him preying on young girls.

Herman went to the FBI with the evidence against Fogle, but they advised her to record her conversations to gather more substantial proof of Fogle committing a crime.

Herman began saving text message conversations with Fogle and recording phone calls with the Subway spokesperson.

Fogle allegedly told Herman, “We should try to get some child porn videos to watch together.”

Fogle reportedly told Herman that he had sex with underage girls in Thailand.

“It was so hot baby. It was so, so f***ing hot,” Fogle purportedly told Herman.

According to The Daily Beast, Fogle was “discussing a children’s birthday party that he planned to attend (which was really a sting operation set up to catch him), he tells Rochelle, ‘I want you to watch me pound a little kid.'”

Jared allegedly asked Rochelle, “Will you let me see your kids naked?”

The documentary also features Hannah Parrett and Christian Showalter – who were victimized by Fogle and their stepfather. The sisters first met Fogle around 2011 when they were in their early teens. They were introduced to Fogle by their stepfather Russell Taylor – who was married to their mother Angela Baldwin.

Showalter told People magazine, “Jared traveled a lot, obviously for Subway, and he was always on a flight. We’ve obviously had face-to-face interaction, but it was more about FaceTime and iMessage. But meeting him was very nonchalant, kind of. Jared was more so of a standby guy. He was more of a watcher. He wasn’t very talkative. Not that he didn’t speak, but he was very quiet and casual, and Russell was really the complete opposite.”

Parrett told the outlet, “I think it was the first time that Jared had ever mentioned anything sexual, Russell had sent a photo of a friend of mine and [me] to Jared. And of course, Jared was asking who she was and how I knew her and things like that. And then, he started to make sexual comments about her body and what she looked like. Russell showed these to me and wanted me to express those things to her.”

“We would read the things that [Fogle] would say about us and our friends, as far as commenting sexually on our bodies and our looks. And [he] would rate us on a scale of who he would want to have sex with more,” Parrett continued. “I think that was probably the most unsettling thing that I’ve seen, because my friend was on top of that list.”

Parrett said some of her friends that Fogle lusted after had “not even hit puberty yet.”

Showalter accused Fogle of grooming her and her sister.

Showalter explained, “He would very much so want us to watch porn. He would want us to talk about masturbation or sex with our partners at the time or our friends, getting curious about our sexuality. It was a constant thing. He was grooming, 100 percent.”

Showalter added, “And to him, he’s ranking them on whether he wants to have sex with them or not.”

Showalter said of Fogle, “He’s a monster. He’s just a predator.”

In 2015, the FBI and Indiana State Police raided the Indiana home of Taylor and Baldwin. Investigators found hidden cameras concealed throughout the home for the alleged purpose of recording video of his stepdaughters and their friends in the nude.

In June 2021, Taylor pleaded guilty to 24 counts of producing child sexual abuse material and was sentenced to 27 years in prison.

Baldwin was convicted of two counts of production of child sexual abuse material, one count of conspiracy to produce child sexual abuse material, and one count of possession of child sexual abuse material. Baldwin was sentenced to 33 years in prison.

In 2015, Fogle was sentenced to 15 years in prison for possession or distribution of child pornography and traveling across state lines to have sex with a minor.

“Jared from Subway: Catching A Monster” premieres on the ID network on Monday, March 6.

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