New phone, who dis? Could Elon Musk create a Musk Phone? He says yes –

Amidst murmurings about attempts to get the Twitter app removed from the Apple and Google app stores, conservative podcast host, Liz Wheeler, suggested that Elon Musk should simply create his own smartphone to compete with iPhone and Android. Musk replied that he would do just that if they pushed him to it. Twitter users seem to like the idea of a ‘Musk Phone’.

MuskPhone? tElonPhone? Tesla Phone? Dogefone?

This could be fun.

We doubt Apple and Google will actually entertain calls to remove the app, or that Musk will have to follow through with releasing his own smartphone, but it would just be one more amusing episode in the story of the billionaire refusing to play their game. There has been speculation about development of a Tesla Phone for some time (the Pi Phone). Will it happen? Who knows.

It’s not a conspiracy theory. People on the Left have been pushing the idea that Apple and Google should remove the app.

They can’t stand the thought of losing control over information.

Many on Twitter were all for the idea.

You think liberal heads are exploding now? Imagine if Musk became a major player in the smartphone market.

‘We’ve improved the camera and you can now include a pregnant man in your text messages.’

Maybe we do need some fresh thinking? LOL.

There would definitely be an ideological customer base, but the phone would have to be a real tech rival as well.

We’re listening …

It would be nice to have a phone that was entirely locked down by default.

Every left winger on Twitter seems to be droning out the same joke: ‘Will my phone burst into flames like Tesla cars? Hur! Hur!’

This guy gets a shout out because he actually made it funny. LOL.

Begun, the phone war has.

Hmmm … ePhone … that could work.

Okay, we like this one. Replace the apple logo with that cute little doggy. Take our money!

This is a horrible idea.

‘Honey, I’m home. Work was a disaster today. My boss is such a …’

‘Now dialing Mr. Shirley …’


This editor has serious doubts that Apple and Google will pick this fight. Aside from any potential threat from competitors, it would be bad business to remove one of the leading social media platforms from their app stores. They love money too.

Imagine Siri being replaced with Joe Rogan.

Bring on the Musk Phone, Elon! LOL.



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