NEW –> #TwitterFiles8 reveals how Twitter aided the Pentagon’s Covert Online PsyOp Campaign –

The newest #TwitterFiles dropped this afternoon (we’re up to eight now) and WOW, this stuff just gets shadier and shadier.

We had a similar reaction to Elon Musk’s:

PsyOp. Yikes. Ya’ don’t say?

Twitter also promised they weren’t censoring users based on their political leanings … just sayin’.

Keep going.

Twitter has claimed a lot of things over the years.



Oh, it gets worse.

These things always seem to get worse.





… many emails from throughout 2020 show that high-level Twitter executives were well aware of DoD’s vast network of fake accounts … 

Jim Baker.


Wow wow.

Can Musk buy Facebook? Give us a peek behind THAT curtain?

Obviously, they were all working together.

Unbiased hero.


They knew.

They did nothing.

We’d say this is unreal but it’s all too real.

This is insane.

Imagine if Musk hadn’t bought Twitter … we’d have no idea this was going on.

And using our tax dollars.



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