News anchor scolds mayoral candidate for calling 911 on homeless drug addict defecating in park –

It would suck to be homeless, but it’s also a free-for-all — you can shoot up illegal drugs in the park, although the city would ask that you dispose of the needles in the collection bins they put up. Or maybe you’ll smoke some crack in a glass pipe that the federal government definitely did not include in its safe-smoking kits. You can also relieve yourself anywhere you want: the park, the sidewalk, anywhere.

Denver news anchor Kyle Clark scolded mayoral candidate Andy Rougeot for calling 911 on a homeless drug addict who dropped his pants in front of his 3-year-old and defecated in the park. Why is he opposed to adding more public restrooms to the city?


The answer is obviously more public restrooms — which would remarkably end up costing an exorbitant amount because the city would be in charge of constructing them. Progressives always have ideas to help the homeless stay homeless, but more comfortably.


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