Noah Berlatsky says his wife and child are queer

Noah Berlatsky says that his child, who started to identify as bisexual in middle school, reevaluated during high school and started to identify as transgender and lesbian — later, Berlatsky’s bisexual wife started identifying as nonbinary.

“Our daughter came out as bisexual in middle school. In high school, she reassessed and came out as trans and lesbian,” Berlatsky wrote. “My daughter coming out as trans also prompted my wife to think about her own gender. She’s since come out as nonbinary, though she’s retained she/her pronouns.”

“My wife has known she’s bisexual since she was in middle school in northwestern Indiana, though she was heavily and miserably closeted until college. It’s been a relief for her — and a validation — that our daughter felt comfortable coming out at home and school,” he wrote. “My daughter is confident. She’s happy. She has queer friends who sometimes pass through on their way to the basement lair and stop to talk about Fleming, tattoos, the queer art they’re making, or the queer anarchist collectives they’re living in.”

Berlatsky claims that having LGBT relatives increases a person’s grasp of love and of themself.

“As the boring cisgender, straight guy in the family, I just don’t get some aspects of queer culture,” he wrote. “But I’m grateful to be outnumbered in my family by the other demographics. When you share a family with queer people, your understanding of love becomes more expansive, as does your understanding of yourself.”

“I’m not queer, but there’s nothing like having a queer family to teach you that straight and/or masculine honor is a burden that you can happily dispense,” Berlatsky wrote.

A Democratic state lawmaker in South Dakota recently claimed that the notion that the safest place for children is a family with a married mother and father represents a “dangerous and un-American belief.”

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