Peter Doocy put a skeptical KJP in a VERY awkward position after she asked for his docs source –

You’d think that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre would stop thinking she can catch Fox News’ Peter Doocy trying to BS her, but that wasn’t the case yet again at today’s briefing.

Doocy asked a question about the classified documents Biden had in his garage (and elsewhere) that had KJP responding with a question of her own (bad idea):

LOL! What a clown show. Why wouldn’t she at least refer Doocy back to Kirby?

It was just two days ago that Kirby spoke about the situation of the classified documents from that very podium.

And Monday is another day sure to bring some more hits for KJP.



John Kirby tells Peter Doocy that Biden eventually self-reported the classified docs so all is well

Peter Doocy asks KJP what four-letter word she used when she learned there were more docs

No wonder Karine Jean-Pierre ignored Peter Doocy yesterday (here’s the Q he was going to ask)


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