PID Tune Your Buildplate!

In this video, I figured out why my print quality started to decrease after swapping from a glass buildplate to a flexplate. It turns out PID autotuning your bed is pretty important.

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Videos mentioned:
CNC Kitchen PID vs Bang-Bang:
TH3D Bootload:
Thomas Sanladerer Voron:
My review of Fulabed and Fulaflex:

Parts Used (Amazon are affiliate)
Polyterra PLA: Polyterra PLA:
PEX Wham Bam Build Plate:

Time Stamps:
Intro – 00:00
New Build Plate Issues – 00:23
Sponsor – 1:47
Bang Bang vs PID – 3:25
Ender 5 Tests – 7:12
Final Thoughts and Tips – 9:57

Background music by Joakim Karud

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