Pre-transition Dylan Mulvaney isn’t that different from ‘Day 365 of Girlhood’ Dylan Mulvaney –

As Twitchy reported, informal Biden adviser Dylan Mulvaney celebrated “Day 365 of Girlhood” with a gala event at the Rainbow Room in New York City. Those who couldn’t make it in person could purchase tickets to a live stream of the event, which featured singing and special guests. Transphobe of the Year Matt Walsh made a great point:

Mulvaney is making big bucks off of her transition, but an old video from “The Price Is Right” shows a pre-transition Mulvaney acting exactly like the airhead caricature of a woman that has turned off so many people. As Walsh said, Mulvaney’s “idea of womanhood is what he learned from Disney cartoons.”

No wonder he and Biden got along so well.

They sure are propping her up though, prostrating themselves before her. Why is society celebrating this person?


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