QD PDW Grip Module (L-X22 Chassis)


QD PDW Grip Module (L-X22 Chassis) (10/22 Compatible): Laffs Dynamics

Grip module for the L-X22 Chassis; compact with a single QD sling mounting port.

Printer Used: Ender 3 V2

Filament Used: PLA+

Print Settings:

Extruder: 220C
Bed: 56C
First Layer Print Height: .20mm
Standard Layer Height: .16mm
Wall Thickness: .40mm
Wall Perimeters: 5+
Infill: 25%+
Support Material Percentage: 28%+

Hardware Needed:

3x M4x12 Screws

Gorilla Clear Glue

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XD9 subcompact (awcy)