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Since it’s Feb, cold, and usually dark by the time I’m done work while then proceeding to rain or be even colder on weekends here in PA, had a sunny weekend and hauled ass to the woods. Wanted to test out the 3d printed awcy drum, which was doomed from the start to not work for my application (assuming the Sten magazine tower in the files is intended for builds that accept Sten mags as opposed to an actual Sten MkII maybe? 🤷‍♂️🤣). Since I haven’t had the chance to shoot much for the last few months I was determined to make up for lost time, and broke out the 1919. Laser printers have some decently flammable stuff in them and they make great targets!

While not a 3D printed part, gun, or anything on this heavy steel beast, it’s sorta related bcuz my intention was to test a printed drum mag…and, well who doesn’t love shooting a full auto belt fed from a home brew trailer hitch mount made up partially of scrap Ford recall parts 🤣

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"Birmingham's Best" Push Dagger

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