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I’ve been working on an updated chassis for the RS22 for a few weeks and finally have the CAD prototype completed. The primary design goal parameter been ease of print on a 220x220x250 build space using simple hardware available at the likes of ACE. To meet this goal the large parts are designed in a clamshell-style assembly. The greatest design limiting challenge is that the factory receiver measures ~187mm in length, leaving very little room to design mounts for the stock and heatshield within the defined parameters.

I’ll be printing parts for an initial alpha fit (and hopefully firing) test over the next week. If all goes well and only minimal tweaks are necessary I’ll post links to the design for an open beta.

There are a few areas that I know or anticipate will need improvement. The grip as currently designed blows chunks! It is more of a placeholder at this point to test the mounting design. The adjustable stock is also an untested design (uses a spring-tensioned rocker with a pin) that I expect will need tweaking. And lastly the tolerances of the cutouts for mounting hardware and part mates.

This has been my first design of anything significant, firearm or otherwise, so I was too antsy to hold back sharing. Updates to follow, hopefully soon!

r/fosscad - Alpha preview - RS22/Mossberg 702 plinkster chassis

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