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To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never had COVID. In hindsight, it’s entirely possible that I did have it in the early weeks of the pandemic — before it was even an official pandemic. In the weeks before the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, I’d been on a family trip to Disney World and became ridiculously sick. I would call it the worst cold I’d ever had.

Was it COVID? Beats me. But, considering the virus had been spreading for weeks, if not months, it seems like Disney World would have been a good place to catch it. A year later, after much deliberation, I decided to get vaccinated against COVID. I didn’t want to because, at my age and without any other health problems and my belief of having already contracted it once, I considered myself to be at low risk from the virus. My reason for getting vaccinated was the assurance that it would give me more freedom in my home state of New York.

The only vaccine I would take was the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. I never even thought about getting a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Taking an unproven vaccine was hard enough, but unproven mRNA technology on top of that was too much. Still, even then, I didn’t want to get vaccinated. I may have trusted the J&J vaccine more, but all of the vaccines were too new with unknown long-term side effects. But the promise of relative normalcy led me to do it. Plenty of others did so as well, and many more out of fear.

Many in conservative media, including us at PJ Media, had been pointing out the benefits of natural immunity. As PJM editor Paula Bolyard noted, “there’s lots and lots and lots of science showing that [natural immunity is] superior to double-vaxxing.” But that didn’t stop the Biden administration from pretending that natural immunity isn’t a thing and actively campaigning against it. And, of course, the mainstream media treated natural immunity like a right-wing conspiracy.

Until now.

“Immunity acquired from a Covid infection provides strong, lasting protection against the most severe outcomes of the illness, according to research published Thursday in The Lancet — protection, experts say, that’s on par with what’s provided through two doses of an mRNA vaccine,” reports Dr. Akshay Syal, M.D. at NBC News. “Infection-acquired immunity cut the risk of hospitalization and death from a Covid reinfection by 88% for at least 10 months, the study found.

This mirrors the results of past studies, including a November 2021 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which found that “Reinfections had 90% lower odds of resulting in hospitalization or death than primary infections.” Reinfections, the study found, were “rare and were generally mild, perhaps because of the primed immune system after primary infection.”

Flashback: The War Against Natural Immunity to COVID Continues

The science has said that natural immunity works, but Dr. Anthony Fauci, with the help of the mainstream media, went to great lengths to discredit it in order to protect the profits of Big Pharma and enforce mandates. Now, like the Hunter Biden laptop, the media suddenly decides it’s okay to report on the benefits of natural immunity, long after countless people with low risk of COVID, particularly children, have been unnecessarily vaccinated.

That’s just wrong.

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