Rep. Don Bacon says House GOPers should consider working with Dems if ‘these 20 refuse to budge’ –

Believe it or not, there have now been ten votes in the House in attempts to elect the next Speaker, and… there’s still not a Speaker:

Rep. McCarthy might not be afraid of “them” (the about 20 Republicans who refuse to vote for him), but GOP Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska says those Reps might mean it’s time to start working with some Democrats to get McCarthy to the 218 votes he needs:

Republicans saying they’re more willing to negotiate with Democrats than those on their own side of the aisle are making a point, just not the one they might think.

So how’s this going to end up?

The House Democrats would certainly appreciate some Republicans asking them for help (and making deals with them) to get McCarthy across the finish line. Stay tuned.



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