Republicans poised to take over the House ‘have stepped up their assaults on the FBI’ –

The New York Times does get one thing correct right off the bat: Historically, the FBI’s critics have come from the Left. But that’s all changed ever since the FBI started investigating Donald Trump, and now progressives are huge fans of the security state. The FBI was colluding with Twitter to present the Hunter Biden laptop story as part of a Russian disinformation dump? Good, the FBI should protect us from disinformation.

The Times seems concerned, though, that some Republicans who are going to take over the House next month are trying to “undermine” the bureau. (Meanwhile, Peter Strzok is pimping his Substack.)

We can’t get over the language here: “stepped up their assaults.” They’re not even in office yet and they’re assaulting the poor, helpless FBI.

How about the FBI-to-Twitter pipeline? They even had their own Slack channel to welcome their old buddies aboard and catch up on old times.

That would be interesting to know. The FBI certainly had its tendrils in all of the major social media platforms.


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