Robert Reich’s take on ‘life-saving abortion’ and assault rifles is bad … even for Robert Reich –

In his never-ending quest to demonstrate how bad he is with numbers, Robert Reich has turned his skills from economics to abortion and guns.

There are bad Twitter takes, and then there are left-your-milk-in-the-hot-car-in-August bad Twitter takes. Reich has stumbled onto the latter here.

The ‘radical lefty’ part was all he got right. The remainder of the tweet is a masterpiece in wrongness.

Life-saving abortion? The entire purpose of abortion is to kill a life, and even abortions that could be classified to protect the life or health of the mother account for less than 2% of all abortions.

Don’t even get us started on ‘assault rifle’.

Let’s compare the deadliness, shall we?

In 2020, there were less than 500 gun homicides using a rifle – even those Reich might call an ‘assault rifle’. There were also roughly 20 million such rifles in the United States.

That means, conservatively, a whopping 0.0025% of these rifles were used to commit murder.

Abortions, on the other hand, totaled just over 620,000 in 2020, resulting in just over 620,000 extinguished human lives. We’re not economists, but that comes to roughly 100%.

In other words, abortion is much deadlier than ‘assault rifles’, and it’s not even close.

It really is amazing how many wrong ‘facts’ Robert Reich managed to squeeze into such a short tweet.

Of course, it’s not easier to get a rifle than an abortion.


LOL! Robert forgot the rules.

We didn’t expect to be quoting ‘clean turds’, but we have ‘sensible leftist’ Robert Reich to thank for that.

Nailed it.

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