Sen. Ted Cruz calls Adam Kinzinger ‘a hack and a liar’ over Paul Pelosi video allegation –

Even though he’s no longer in Congress — he went straight from the Capitol with his cardboard box of stuff and moved it into CNN headquarters — Adam Kinzinger is still fighting for America. You’ve probably seen the police body cam footage of the Paul Pelosi attack by now, and most interestingly, it shows that the NBC News reporter who was suspended and his segment scrubbed from the internet was right all along.

Of course, there were a lot of theories about what was going on that night — we were told, for example, that an unknown third party answered the door for police. There were a lot of questions and not a lot of answers.

The Seattle Times decided to name and shame every person who made fun of Pelosi on Twitter, and Kinzinger offered his thanks. Number 1 on the list was Sen. Ted Cruz.

Cruz allegedly “amplified doubts that all facts were disclosed.”

Thanks to Kinzinger for sticking to the Boy Scout code of honor.

That list does seem kind of bogus, as it includes anyone who doubted the initial reports, which turned out to be wrong. But hold them accountable.


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