SL1-S PDW: Laffs Dynamics

Variant of the Swarmtech Scarab, a Mac11 based PDW/Pistol, aesthetics inspired by the B+T TP9 and the HK MP7.

Created during development of the original SL1 PDW, this design is a cut down version, with a recontoured
grip and triggerguard section.

Omits the buttstock mounting index, and has less material in the frame’s dust cover and rear frame for reduced print
times and cost.

Hardware list, print settings, and assembly instructions are contained in the README PDF file provided.

Note: The provided PDF is taken directly from the original design’s file pack. Print parameters such as orientation
of the print on a build plate may vary.

It’s HIGHLY recommended you use a printer with a Z axis build height of at least 300mm.

This file pack is for the frame and top covers only. Other printed part files will need to be downloaded from the base
design release; links provided in the below text.

Full SL1 PDW files can be found at:

Base Scarab files can be found at:




Swarmtech: Creator of the Scarab pistol/PDW; used the base frame model from their design release. Provided hardware
info. Provided images for reference.

Source link

New files added to few stragglers coming through later today.

Remixed the 365XL frame. Hoping to print this weekend